Calling All Sistahs


50% of the profits from this stamp set will be donated to breast cancer research and awareness programs

Calling All Sistahs is a 4 x 6 stamp set , made in the USA

I designed this stamp set shortly after I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in 2015. I found my cancer during my monthly self breast exam and I know that because of this early detection, not only was my life saved, but I was afforded choices in how I wanted to be treated. Breast cancer awareness needs to exist every single month, not just in October, and it's my sincere hope that this set will help you to remind you and all the fabulous women in your life to remember to check yourselves. 

Please join me on the company blog on the 17th of each month for a friendly reminder from me to you to do your monthly self exam, and to get updates on which breast cancer research and awareness programs are receiving the funding from the sales of this collection.